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Soul Mates and Karmic Connections!

Do you believe in Soulmates? The mother of all questionsÖ

I came across this article last year and really liked it for a number of reasons. I definitely believe in soul mates- 100%! I also believe in karmic relationships. Both cases involve people you feel an unexplainable connection with, that may make no rational sense, but you both are drawn to each other, from the inside, from your heart. These people help you grow in a certain way, learn a specific lesson that no one else could teach you, and/ or even spend your life together.

I've noticed that I often feel things about people that they might not even be aware of themselves. When I meet someone, my first unconscious reaction is to notice how I FEEL about them. I think many, if not all of you reading this, would agree that this is true for you too. I think we as a race are predominately feelers.

And while this can be a bit draining at times, it is an amazing gift to have- to be open and able to connect with someoneís spirit with ease. Everyone has the ability to do this, and does it on a daily basis. Thatís why it is SO important to pay attention to your feelings Ė donít suppress them or ignore them Ė they are telling you something!

Iíve had some karmic and soulmate connections in my life. They are totally indescribable and unlike what you'll feel with the average person! They feel like a "knowing."

Karmic and Soul mate connections produce a total natural high! And sometimes, that feeling can be scary (in a good way). From a etherical perspective I believe that people who share this connection made a pact before they came here, to Earth, that they will share certain experiences here together for a reason. How cool is that? We ALL have an experience like this in our lives, no matter what!

I've found that an experience like one with a "soul buddy," DOES make you choose and gravitate towards certain love interests and friends that ONLY match what youíve already experienced, and those connections can be few and far between - so don't let them slip away if you're really feeling it. :-)

Yet, challenges can arise if the connection is a romantic one because you obviously can't be with all of your karmic/soulmate connections. The separation between karmic partners may way harder than any other separation. I believe that many people meet more than one of these types of connections in their lives. We have all kinds of soul mates.
Separating from a soul connection, for whatever reason, can feel a bit frustrating because you can shake them easily... but at the same time, the connection you felt with them is so different that you can't help but feel grateful to actually feel that with someone. I guess I think itís just so amazing that you can feel such a strong feeling towards someone Ė something that your logical mind canít wrap itself around, and Iíve learned that itís best not to over-think those ones and just follow your heart Ė go for it if you feel itís right Ė donít hold back because youíre scared of the unknown, only hold back if you really donít feel like youíre meant to connect on a deeper level or youíre already with someone else who makes you feel that way, etc. You know what to do.

In most cases, you will always feel a connection with a soul connection, and this can make things a little tricky if you're around them in some way, therefore you will have to use your judgment and follow your heart with how to handle it... but you are never given anything you can't handle, so it'll always work out as it is supposed to :-)

Everyone feels something different, so your connections may not feel super intense, but they will feel different, just different- you'll know. Donít worry about looking for it or finding it, youíll attract these connections when the time is right Ė youíll be given a window of opportunity and it will be up to you to feel out if itís right or not. No need to rush or feel pressured to take advantage of something you arenít ready for, but if you feel like itís right, deep down, beyond the fear, then maybe thatís your cue to take a risk. We are constantly being given choices, and our decisions are never right or wrong, they are just what we chose.

These types of relationships are not always romantic either. You can feel and have a total soul connection with your best friend, a family member, or even someone you met briefly in a coffee shop. They may be in your life to save you from making a bad decision, or teach you something new, to help you face your fears, or to even just put a smile on your face when you need it most. This is probably why you feel so connected to one of your closest friends- you both agreed to be in this lifetime together for a reason- you guys are total soul buddies.

How cool is it that we are actually ABLE to feel that type of connection with someone?!

When you meet someone like this, a ďsoul connection,Ē someone who makes you feel different in a way you canít really describe other than that they make you feel comfortable, safe, alive, they light you up, you want to smile around them for no reason, you feel relaxed, you feel like you know them, etc. - I say, just go with it, itís REAL- donít analyze or rationalize it- just notice it, see what happens, and act how you want to act. Youíll benefit in a way you might not see until later.

Hillary, the author of this article, talks a lot about how the internet and technology prevents us from cultivating those wildly undeniable connections and actually acting on them. She talks about how people often hear of someone, hop online, and read all about them in 5 minutes, and immediately develop judgments before they even meet the person. This is an argument thatís been circulating ever since social networking came aboutÖ

I think this can be very true- Iíve even fallen victim to it. Iíve definitely drawn a little character sketch of someone, based on my findings online. Itís times like those that you have to remember the saying ďDonít judge a book by its cover.Ē People will always surprise you, especially when you think you know who are they based on a first impression you get.

Iíd agree that texting, emailing, facebooking, etc. may make you lose some of that spark that youíd feel when you are actually in each otherís presence. I mean when was the last time you wrote a love letter? Or saw this ďconnectionĒ more times than you actually texted them?

And yes, I do think that technology can sometimes be really great for people and add a spark to a relationship- it's really all how you look at it- but there's nothing like one-on-one.

One thing I slightly disagree with her about, however, is when she says that now itís harder than ever to develop a ďdeep soul love,Ē than before. While I do think that technology can make it a lot harder to allow connections like these to really develop or have the punch that they give us, I actually think now more than ever, peopleís ďintuitiveĒ senses/feelings are getting stronger, and many of us are sensing connections with people quicker than usual. The key is, to be aware of these feelings we are having, and act on them how we want to- NOT out of fear.
Her theory rings true if we hide behind techonology because we are afraid to express our feelings. It can be hard to really know how someone feels through texts, emails, etc. because we are missing the actual physical energy between each other, the facial expressions, the body language. But I think this article was good in that it brings to light how tech. alters are feelings towards people and ourselves. Will people have a hard time feeling comfortable expressing themselves when they arenít in front of a screen?
I think, no matter what the argument may be, itís important to trust your feelings. Your "heart" feelings are always right, the feelings coming straight from your heart- they are the ones that donít have any fear attached to them- the ones that give you that ďknowing.Ē If you let fear take control, you may miss an opportunity that youíll regret long after. And while this is probably a lesson you need to learn, itís always good to be fearless right off the bat- live fully and have no regrets! Donít feel pressured to make a move if you donít feel ready - calculate your moves, but overall be fearless. I think having regret is worse than getting hurt most times.
I guess my biggest message in this nice long blog is to be aware of your feelings, accept them, feel them, listen to them, and act on them if you want to Ė they are a big gauge for telling you how ďon-trackĒ you are and how happy you are.
There are millions of things in life that canít be explained, and feelings within a relationship are one of them. May be some things donít need to be explained, but rather just enjoyed and taken advantage of.

It's important to notice how YOU feel about someone ( romantic or not) and not allow what others say to determine how you act.

Be confident in yourself and your feelings. Chances are, most experiences you will have will make you way stronger than you were before. And if you feel like you canít tap into your true feelings, just say this ďI release all of my fears out of my body and mind.Ē And take a big breath OUT, imagining them leaving your body effortlesslyÖ then listen!

When it comes down to it, you always know what is best for you, and the universe is constantly bringing you people to further you along your path and add to who you are growing up to be which is a totally amazing person!
So many things in life are indescribable and may be best left that way.

Itís an interesting article to read, and she gives you a little inside scoop into soul mates and karmic connections... they are real and meaningful! :-)

What do you think?

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Good one...
Good article, both yours and hers. I totally agree, and enjoyed reading! Thank you!
Posted By: Eero (Finland)

must be true
When you are talking about "karmic" relation ships, it means that you know people, during your entire life, that you deserve... how can you or the article writer explain about the fact that the people you know, in a way, drive your life. So, we can go more and more behind in the time, so, probably all of us have pass lifes, and during the new one, we receive what we deserve, it means life (this life) give us relatives, parents, and each day, people we HAVE to know and find out what kind of connection we have with them. It is really deep to talk about that... Bryan Weiss talks a lot about this kind of topics, and he says that the most important people in your life, besides being soulmates, they were soulmates or people that were too important during pass lifes, perhaps you had different kind of relation... but they appear in your new life and that's why you feel you know that person... Humm.. it is deep to talk about ALL secrets of life, things that we do not know but in a way we feel them, may be, just may be, it is better to feel than to know... and fly with it giving good things, to receive good things... that, in that karmatic way, is going to make that we will deserve to be soulmates with people that give love as you do, as you really do Lianda. Congratulations.

resuming, I do believe
Posted By: Carlos Landauro

I can hear your voice again...scary!!!
Love this so much! Your attitude to relationships is so spot on, really like the idea of feeling not thinking. Isn't it interesting that you can tell straight away if you have a karmic relationship! The best ones are when you say no straight away to someone then in the future they say something or something spontaneous happens and you realise you were wrong and something is definitely there. Keep this up!:)
Posted By: Emma

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Just for fun
Posted By: CHAPMANPhoebe32

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